Detroit / Wayne County

Criminal Advocacy Program

Changes for 2005

In an effort to reduce costs to the Bar and in response to grant funding, the C.A.P. Board of Directors has implemented the following changes for 2005:

  1. Lecture outlines will be handed out at each C.A.P. session. Presenter’s handouts for each session will be available on a new C.A.P. web site,, three days before each session.

  2. A CD containing the handouts for all 2005 sessions will be given to attendees at the last session of the (Prof. Whitbread’s U.S. Supreme Court presentation).

  3. Videos of each C.A.P. and written handouts will be posted and remain available at Please note that the web viewing will not qualify for credit and certification purposes. Attorneys who miss sessions must still follow the makeup procedure. The makeup date schedule will be distributed at the December 2nd C.A.P. session.

  4. Beginning in the Fall of 2006, the announcement of future C.A.P. sessions will be done by e-mail notices to attorneys on the Third Circuit Court Assigned Counsel list. A limited number of hard copy announcements will be posted in the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice library, lawyers, lounge and 9th floor Assigned Counsel Office.

New in 2005, thanks to grant funding provided by the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards,  the web site for the Wayne County Criminal Advocacy Program is  The site and grant are a project of the Criminal Defense Resource Center of the State Appellate Defender Office,, which offers training and support services to assigned criminal defense attorneys. The CDRC has partnered with C.A.P., Wayne County Circuit Court , and the Wayne County Criminal Defense Attorneys Association on this defense training project.