Detroit / Wayne County

Criminal Advocacy Program

Credit and Certification

Attorneys: View a history of your attendance at prior CAP seminars.

Credit and Certification

Attorneys with more than ten (10) years in practice must attend at least four (4) of the scheduled sessions. Attorneys with less than ten (10) years in practice must attend six (6) of the scheduled sessions. Certification of attendance is required to obtain court-assignments in Wayne County.

Out of courtesy to our speakers, late registrations will not be permitted 15 minutes after the scheduled start time. Attorneys arriving after that will not receive credit for the session.  Similarly, evaluations must be completed and turned in at the end of each session. Evaluations will not be accepted prior to the end of the session.

Only two sessions may be made up by videotape. Therefore, attorneys requiring six sessions for certification must attend at least four live sessions in order to become certified. Attorneys requiring four sessions for certification must attend at least two live sessions.

Video/DVD Make-Up Sessions will be scheduled on the alternate weeks of the CAP Live Seminars. Attorneys will only receive credit for attending a CAP Make-up Seminar topic they did not already attend as a Live Seminar. There will be only one series of make-up sessions.

To receive credit for a session, attendees must:

  1. Obtain an evaluation form from the registrar, and,
  2. Complete and turn in at the end of each session an Attendance Documentation/ Seminar Rating form for each seminar.

You must return your evaluation to the registrar in order to receive credit for the seminar.

Questions about CAP policies or procedures, including questions about whether attendance at an outside training or seminar may count toward your CAP certification requirements, can be sent to Lynn Wade at One live criminal law seminar with documentation will be considered for credit. For example, a CDAM seminar, live ICLE seminar (not a video), the Federal Criminal Practice seminar or a trial practice seminar.

Questions regarding handouts or videos for particular CAP sessions can be sent to Heather Waara at To view a history of your attendance at prior CAP seminars, visit