Audio-visual Discovery and The Michigan Medical Marijuana Act
Friday, October 30 2009, 1:30 pm.

C.A.Y.M.C. Auditorium

Ken Glaza of K & R Audio and Video Forensic Services will demonstrate what you can do with audio or visual evidence in nearly any format. When you receive the in-car video tape from the police department, how will you present it in court? Can you tell whether what is missing was caused by an "equipment failure," or was the evidence tampered with or corrupted? Ken will demonstrate how your audio or visual evidence can be collected, presented, and enhanced, so that your courtroom presentation will have the impact you desire. Our own "cannabis counsel," Matthew Abel, will be speaking about the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act, including; the requirements for obtaining a medical recommendation and a state Medical Marihuana Program identification card, where such a recommendation or card may be helpful in defending a marihuana charge, the affirmative defense authorized by the law, court decisions, and pending appellate matters.

Speakers: Matthew Abel & Kenny Glaza from K & R All Media Productions
Moderator: Thomas Loeb