Can You Be a Criminal Defense Lawyer Without Getting Grieved?
Friday, September 14, 2012, 1:30 PM
C.A.Y.M.C. Auditorium

Criminal defense lawyers are grieved more than any other category of lawyer, in fact, 1/3 of all complaints received by the Attorney Grievance Commission involve criminal matters. Why does this happen, and what steps can you take to minimize the risk of being grieved and maximize the chances that any grievance will be unfounded and quickly dismissed? What are the key mistakes that criminal defense lawyers make that result in grievances and disciplinary action? How can best practices both reduce your risk of being grieved and help your business?

Moderator: Judge Lawrence S. Talon, Third Circuit Court
Speakers: Robert Agacinski, Grievance Administrator, Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission
John Van Bolt, Executive Director, Attorney Discipline Board
Mark A. Armitage, Deputy Director, Attorney Discipline Board
Thomas M. Loeb, grievance defense lawyer
Kenneth M. Mogill, grievance defense lawyer