Walker Hearings: A to Z
Friday, October 9, 2015, 1:30 PM
C.A.Y.M.C. Auditorium

Experienced practitioner Gabi Silver will provide insight and guidance for criminal defense attorneys handling cases where the voluntariness of a client's confession may be at issue. Ms. Silver will provide tips for filing a successful motion to suppress a confession and a motion for a Walker Hearing. People v Walker, 374 Mich 331 (1965). Learn when to determine if such a motion is appropriate by analyzing the various circumstances surrounding your client's statement (including, length and conditions of the detention; the physical and mental state of the defendant; the age, mentality, and prior criminal experience of the defendant; the nature of any inducement offered; the conduct of the police; and the adequacy and frequency of the advice of rights) and learn how to prepare for and conduct a Walker hearing.

Moderator: Marilena David-Martin, Administrator, Criminal Defense Resource Center of State Appellate Defender Office and CAP Board Member
Speaker: Gabi D. Silver, Attorney